Privacy Policy

At ByteLabs we believe in Google's motto of "Do no evil" as such we don't ask for any personal information at all from you, or even issue cookies from the ScanThis domain. However, due to the nature of our product we require that you upload (or provide a place where we can download) a file that may be personal or private in nature. To ease your concerns about privacy here is a list of the processes that happen when you upload a file to our service:

  1. You upload a file or provide a location for us to download a file that you want scanned.
  2. After we have retrieved the file from you we discard any information we have about it (filename, URL) and assign the file a unique 32 character ID.
  3. We return this unique ID to you (and only you) so that you can check the results of the scan when it is finished.
  4. We scan the file and store the results in the database.

There's more:

Finally, if you use our API in addition to the previous information we ask that you provide us with a 'ClientId' string and a 'ClientVersion' string. This is currently voluntary and is for us to see who is using our service.

That's it, if you have any questions please contact us.